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Our superior services are trusted by governments throughout the U.S.A.



We work with the top law firms to accurately process digital evidence 



Our managed services can save you time, money and secure your data 

Why ViewDox?

We take an intellectual approach in solving complex eDiscovery problems, so you can make smart decisions.

Our forensic investigators and project management have decades of experience and expertise at consulting, preserving and analyzing electronically stored information (“ESI”) from computers, mobile devices and cloud-based applications.


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Triple “A” Collaboration

Leverage the power of technology and knowledge while collaborating with our expert project management team.


We’re focused on allowing our clients to do more with smaller teams. We worked on combining the strengths of several tools into one platform and automating the phases that move data throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle.


We’ve geeked out! Our process uses statistical inference, natural language and human input to learn and assist users in getting them the right documents much faster. Our workflow leverages tested advances in A.I. so all of our users can benefit.


You should have analytics available on every project. Email Threading and Near Duplicate Identification are seamlessly integrated within our process, giving users the flexibility to only focus on the most unique content available.


Collaboration and communication is in our DNA. Its what we do everyday to manage every project and its what drives ViewDox. Whether its a small email collection or a 10 TB processing project, our Team is ready to assist.

ViewDox Processing & Review Platform

Our secure cloud-based eDiscovery solution will reduce your cost by 60% +

Process, cull, and review data for internal investigations, litigation, subpoena responses, and compliance matters, or simply reduce data volumes before sending to outside counsel.

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Data Collection

Our ditigal forensic team is available to properly collect your data.


Drag & Drop Upload

Secure access to our high-speed data upload.


Data Processing

Accurate automated processing of all uploaded data.


Review & Produce

Immediately start reviewing and generating productions.


OnDemand Services

You should try our Venio OnDemand platform — its as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.



Drag & drop files to instantly upload new data to your project.



Our automated processing system will index and analyze your data.



Instantly start reviewing, redacting and tagging documents for production.


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Computer Forensic Services

Locate Missing Evidence

ViewDox Collection and Professional Services provide law firms and corporations with proven, world-class computer forensic expertise to help clients investigate, gather, preserve, recover, analyze and convert electronic data into comprehensible evidence, while maximizing its value and use in court.

Forensic Data Collection

Whether performed onsite or remotely, ViewDox’s team of certified forensic experts are available to assist with collecting data from cell phones, laptops, computers, cloud storage and more…

Data Preservation & Storage

One of the key obligations during eDiscovery is data preservation. Our team works with you to identify, preserve and securely store data legal proceedings and investigations.

Computer User Profiling

For investigations, we create user profiles to visual display personal data associated with a specific users, or a customized desktop environment to help identify a user’s activity and anomalies.

Data Recovery

We know how important you need your data. Sometimes data needs to be recovered from damaged drives or restored after a disaster. ViewDox can provide a solution.


Our Commitment

Our Team of leaders and project managers are the best in the business.   Combined, our Team has a wealth of knowledge focused on one comittment — providing you the best advice, guidance and support on each and every project.  Albeit cliché, YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.




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