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Documenting The Facts

ViewDox’s computer forensic investigations typically involve the analysis of electronic devices and data to prove or disprove – Destruction, Ownership, Possession, Tampering, Security Breaches, Timelines, User Activities or just plain old theft of trade secrets, confidential information and/or intellectual property.
As part of the process of analyzing electronic data and devices, investigations necessitate the proper preservation and collection of evidence, so that it can be properly introduced into evidence at legal proceedings. Further, proper reporting processes must be conducted to accurately present this information in a usable and comprehensible format.

ViewDox’s forensic team has over 20 years of experience consulting, collecting and analyzing electronic devices & data.

Our Process

Our investigators use a variety of techniques and proprietary forensic software applications to examine digital evidence. Using verified copies of evidence, our investigators perform searches against evidence, including hidden files, folders, and unallocated disk space for copies of deleted, encrypted, or damaged files. We may also perform searches using sophisticated algorithms or process data using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to identify a nexus between patterns and data relations. Any evidence found is carefully documented in a “finding report” and verified in preparation for legal proceedings that involve discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.