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Managed Services

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ViewDox’s eDiscovery Managed Services

Effective, cloud-based technologies that meet your needs.

All-Inclusive. Everything we do is included. One simple cost to communicate to your client Scales down with culling. Less data = less cost. Simple, straightforward pricing that works with every case.

The Consultative Approach

Our intelligent eDiscovery solutions harness our rubust suite of industry-leading and propretary technologies to design the best solution to meet your needs and enable legal teams of all sizes to manage and review their data with confidence and ease.

Our solutions are scalable and secured with cost-effective, predictable pricing.


If all you have in your tool box is a hammer, then everything starts to look like a nail.

At ViewDox, we beleive in providing you the right tool for the right job.  Whether you have 1 GB or 10 TBs of data to review, there are different requirements and different expecations for each project.  Our knowledgable project managers are availabe to provide you the right advice and support, using the right tool.

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