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Project Management You Can Trust

Stay on time and on budget throughout your eDiscovery process.

With the amount of electronic information growing every day, dealing with electronic data for due diligence, legal or investigations can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Working with a Project Manager who not only understands your needs, but also the complexities of managing vast amounts of data, and the nuances of the technology solutions to do it, can make the challange much simpler.

Our Project Managers

ViewDox’s Project Managers are certified eDiscovery experts who combine deep expertise with secured and effective technology solutions that provide efficient access to your most relevant documents. We will work through the requirements of your project for every stage of the eDiscovery Reference Model, and ensure your project timeline integrates directly with your legal team’s schedule.

Use proven processes and enhanced security measures that meet the needs of your legal department
Manage projects in keeping with the case requirements, budget and timeline
Manage the scope of the project in proportion to the scale of the lawsuit
Engage subject matter experts into the process at the right time
Deliver meaningful, real-time project status reports
Facilitate the knowledge transfer to the appropriate members of the litigation team