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What is eDiscovery?

Electronic Discovery is the process of identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review, and production of electronically stored information to inform criminal or civil lawsuits and investigations.

How does eDiscovery work?

Our experienced eDiscovery team will assist you throughout the entire process.

Our careful, thorough, and prudent work yields a shorter eDiscovery process, lower costs, increased accuracy, and reduced legal risks. See how you can leverage ViewDoc to lead to more favorable decisions and litigation outcomes.

If you are a Legal Professional, IT Technician, or Business Manager, the ViewDox team is prepared to provide the eDiscovery services you are looking for.


Proper identification reduces the change of data spoliation and ensures that the rest of the process can proceed smoothly.


We preserve all of the data involved to maintain the integrity of the investigation from start to finish.


We specialize in collecting data from many sources, from cell phones to VOIP systems, to distributed database systems, and everything in between.


We utilize several industry-standard and custom processing tools to convert any data set into a workable, filterable format to reduce review time.


Analysis is at the core of what we do. We constantly analyze IT systems, data sets, and processes using advanced tools and algorithms.


We use industry-standard tools as well as custom software for technology assisted review (TAR) to quicken the review process while maintaining accuracy and defensibility.


We assist in responding to any production request, regardless of what form. Typically, the form of production has already been agreed upon during initial meetings.