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Month: May 2021

Digital Data Experts

Ten eDiscovery Project Management Tips for More Successful Projects: eDiscovery Best Practices

written by Doug Austin – Ediscovery news Project management is a deep topic, and when you combine it with eDiscovery best practices, it’s even a deeper topic.  Some people (that’s you, Mike Q!) have even written books about it.  But I write a blog, so I’ll limit this discussion to ten eDiscovery project management tips for…
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benefits of forensic data recovery

Forensic Data Recovery: Benefits and Uses

They may sound similar but forensic data recovery is significantly different from the usual data recovery. While the end result may be the same, the process and the way they are achieved is quite different. What is Forensic Data Recovery? The usual data recovery refers to the process of salvaging corrupted, damaged, formatted or inaccessible…
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Majority of in-house legal teams lack the technology needed to do their jobs, study finds EY Law and Harvard Law School survey shows that C-suite are reluctant to invest in legaltech Fewer than a third of in-house counsel globally believe they have the technology they need to do their jobs effectively, with nearly all legal…
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