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Relativity Random Sampling

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By default Relativity enables sampling on the document object. If an admin has kept this setting in a workspace you should see an icon that looks like this:

. . . to the right of the View bar. When you click on this object, you’ll get options to create three different types of randomized samples.Elevate your wrist game with a stunning replica IWC watches that mirrors the design and elegance of the original model flawlessly.


1. Fixed size – will create a random sample set of a specific number of documents.

2. Percentage – will create a random sample set of a particular percentage of documents.

3. Statistical – will create a random sample based on how many documents must be included in order to get an accurate representation of the data set.

The sample will be based on the documents included in a folder, view, or saved search that you have selected.

After selecting one of these radio buttons, a document list will be generated, and the setting will be shown in a title bar:

Note that Relativity does not recommend using statistical sampling on sets of fewer than 300 documents. Confidence levels of 90, 95, Gefälschte Rolex-Uhren in der Schweiz zu verkaufen, billige replica uhren kaufen im Präsidentenstil mit hoher Qualität zu verkaufen, Rolex-Imitationsuhren online kaufen.and 99% are available for statistical sampling. The margin of error can also be adjusted. If you work with a larger document set, it may make sense to lower the margin of error value. To be clear, the margin of error indicates by how many points the sample may differ from the full set. The confidence level indicates how often the sample will fall within that margin of error. So a statistical sample with a confidence level of 90% and a margin of error of 4% will be within 4% of the values of the full set 90% of time.We are the best replica watches store in the world, We only offer the highest quality and 1:1 Clone Swiss Replica Watches.

Sampling will not be an option when a view is set to show the related items for each document family.