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Digital Data Experts

Majority of in-house legal teams lack the technology needed to do their jobs, study finds EY Law and Harvard Law School survey shows that C-suite are reluctant to invest in legaltech Fewer than a third of in-house counsel globally believe they have the technology they need to do their jobs effectively, with nearly all legal…
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Relativity Random Sampling

By default Relativity enables sampling on the document object. If an admin has kept this setting in a workspace you should see an icon that looks like this: . . . to the right of the View bar. When you click on this object, you’ll get options to create three different types of randomized samples.Elevate…
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Is Google hiding the truth?

by Charles Adams Legal professionals are fully aware of the importance of collecting, reviewing, and producing Gmail messages maintained by Google.  Undoubtedly, Gmail evidence has played a pivotal role in many legal actions but in some situations, it does not contain all the answers to key questions. Gmail messages are just the tip of the…
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